Aspire News’ Data Breach – Security Expert Reaction

Reaching out in regards to the saddening data breach suffered by Aspire News, an app backed by Dr.Phil to help domestic violence victims covertly signal distress. The breach, leaking thousands of uploaded video recordings, was due to an unprotected cloud server left open for anyone online to access.

Robert Prigge, CEO,  Jumio
June 26, 2020
It’s clear that passwords can no longer be trusted to keep user information safe.
The Aspire News app, designed to protect domestic violence victims, has done the opposite by exposing users’ pre-recorded voice notes alerting friends and family of their dangerous situation. Due to a missing server password, victims’ safety was put at risk, giving access to users’ pre-recorded messages that could contain PII including names, addresses, abuser names, phone numbers and inform ....
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Chris DeRamus , VP of Technology Cloud Security Practice,  Rapid7
June 26, 2020
with the number of records exposed by cloud misconfigurations increasing by 80% in just one year - from 2018 to 2019
First and foremost, we must recognize the gravity of this particular security incident. In most data breaches, the persons affected have their privacy violated and may be at risk of financial losses if their information is abused for identity theft, credit card fraud, etc. Yet, in this case, the safety of the victims may be at risk as well. Aspire News’ application, which has over 300,000 downl ....
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