Apple’s iOS 12.4 Update Leaves iPhones Open To Jailbreaking

It has been reported that iPhone hackers have discovered Apple’s most recent iOS update, 12.4, released in July, accidentally reopened a code-execution vulnerability that was previously patched – a vulnerability that can be abused to jail-break iThings. A security researcher going by the name of Pwn20wnd released a public jailbreak that exploits the reintroduced bug, and marks one of the first free and open jailbreaks for iOS devices in years.

Robert Ramsden Board, VP EMEA ,  Securonix
August 21, 2019
I’d always advise anyone to hold off immediately upgrading until these sort of issues are resolved.
Any iOS user needs to be aware that like any technology, there are potential flaws that leave them open to being exploited. Users should be sensible in their approach: it’s sensible to delay making changes until any new upgrade has had some time to be tested in the real world. Likewise, any new applications on top of an iOS upgrade introduces further risk if the developer of the software canno ....
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Javvad Malik, Security Awareness Advocate,  KnowBe4
August 21, 2019
Users should install the fix as soon as Apple issues it to protect themselves from this vulnerability.
No company is immune from making mistakes, even Appple especially when the software is so complex as the iPhone. While there is a window of opportunity available until a fix comes out to take advantage of the vulnerabilities, users can be vigilant to protect themselves by validating the apps they are downloading are legitimate and safe. Any attackers will likely try to fool users into downloading ....
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