Android Trojan Infects Tens Of Thousands Of Devices In 4 Months

A new Trojan dropper dubbed xHelper was observed while slowly but steadily spreading to more and more Android devices since May, with over 32,000 smartphones and tablets having been found infected in the last four months. Trojan droppers are tools used by threat actors to deliver other more dangerous malware strains to already compromised devices, including but not limited to clicker Trojans, banking Trojans, and ransomware.

xHelper, dubbed Android/Trojan.Dropper.xHelper by Malwarebytes Labs’ researchers who discovered it, was initially tagged as a generic Trojan dropper only to be upgraded to the rank of a fully-fledged menace after climbing into the security vendor’s top 10 most detected mobile malware in just a few months.

Craig Young, , Principal Security Researcher ,  Tripwire
August 29, 2019
Although it may be possible at one point in time to feel confident that an app or a company is legitimate.
Trojan droppers are commonly used in Android malware due to their effectiveness in sneaking malicious content past anti-virus or intrusion prevention systems. Malware authors do this by shipping obfuscated or encrypted code within opaque application resource files. This would typically be bundled into a functional app along with checks to recognize when it is “safe” for the trojan to come out ....
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