Android Malware Can Take Photos And Videos And Spy On Your App History

A highly-targeted, custom-built form of powerful Android malware is being deployed to conduct surveillance on selected individuals, according to security researchers. Uncovered by mobile security company Lookout, the Monokle remote-access trojan is equipped with a range of intrusive capabilities which enable it to conduct espionage on targets. 

Tim Erlin, VP of Product Management and Strategy ,  Tripwire
July 27, 2019
Mobile malware isn’t new, but Monokle raises the bar
“Mobile malware isn’t new, but Monokle raises the bar with some new techniques for accessing and exfiltrating data. For the average mobile user, the first layer of protection from malware is the app store itself. Google and Apple both make significant efforts to ensure that malicious apps don’t make it to consumers, but neither are perfect. Avoiding installing apps from other, unknown sources is a great way to reduce risk. Running a well-known, legitimate anti-virus program is also valuable.”

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