American Medical Collection Agency Breach – 20 Million Patients’ Records Compromised

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Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh has warned Marylanders that their medical and other private information may have been compromised by a cyberattack against American Medical Collection Agency, a third-party collection agency for laboratories, hospitals, physician groups, medical providers and others. The known list of those impacted affects over 20 million patients. 

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Tim Erlin, VP, Product Management and Strategy at Tripwire:   

“A criminal with the details about patients’ medical bills is in a good position to fraudulently collect money from those patients. Imagine if you received an email with accurate details about a medical bill you actually have, and a link to make a payment. It only takes a handful of people to fall for this scam in order for it to be worthwhile for the criminal.   

There’s no doubt that this information will be monetized. It will be sold and potentially re-sold, but ultimately used to the detriment of the consumers affected.” 


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