Albion Online DDoS attack

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In response to the news that the popular online game, Albion Online, has been hit with a DDoS attack, please see below comments from Sean Newman, director product management at Corero Network Security.

Sean Newman, Director Product Management at Corero Network Security:

“Online multi-player games are prime targets for DDoS attacks, often from players of those games looking to gain advantage over other players.  Reports over the week-end of Albion online being impacted by three separate attacks over a period of twelve hours, or so, reinforces that providers of online applications and services now need to ensure that dedicated real-time automatic DDoS protection is an integral part of their security strategy.  The sophisticated state of the DDoS threat landscape, combined with the always-on expectations of today’s users, means relying on obscurity, believing you won’t get attacked, or using outdated technology just isn’t sufficient any longer.”

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