AI Lie Detector Developed For Airport Security

It has been reported a group of researchers are quietly commercialising an artificial intelligence-driven lie detector, which they hope will be the future of airport security. Discern Science International is the start-up behind a deception detection tool named the Avatar, which features a virtual border guard that asks travellers questions. The machine, which has been tested by border services and in airports, is designed to make the screening process at border security more efficient, and to weed out people with dangerous or illegal intentions more accurately than human guards are able to do. But its development also raises questions about whether a person’s propensity to lie can be accurately measured by an algorithm.

Hugo van den Toorn, Manager, Offensive Security,  Outpost24
August 06, 2019
Beside the Avatar being a goldmine for cyber criminals with recordings of individuals being questioned and their expressions analysed.
Could a technology like this be at risk of getting hacked? This is absolutely a risk, like any technology but with a bigger potential fallout. Things that come to mind are: Manipulating/rewriting the code to alter the detection. Blocking off the traffic, so even though you are clearly lying, the Avatar cannot notify anyone. Or creeping into the brain of the Avatar, just to capture all the informat ....
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Igor Baikalov, Chief Scientist ,  Securonix
August 06, 2019
Care should be taken in the quality of training feedback so not to inadvertently poison the model by introducing, for example, racial or gender bias.
It is a very interesting and promising application of AI, and I'm surprised at the scepticism that it encounters. It mimics the same techniques used by interrogators all over the world: analysis of micro expressions, voice and verbal responses. With proper training, I'd expect AVATAR to perform a lot better than an average human interrogator, since it'll be more observant, as machines are, less ti ....
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