Accenture Exposure Of Clients’ Private Keys, Pw’s

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In response to news reports that Accenture’s misconfiguration of an Amazon S3 server has exposed clients’ private keys, passwords and other valuable data. Satya Gupta, Co-Founder and CTO at Virsec commented below.

Satya Gupta, Co-Founder and CTO at Virsec: 

“It’s astonishing how many security-conscious organizations seem to lack basic security controls for cloud servers. There’s a reason that most users can’t unilaterally setup their own servers in a corporate data center – they need to be secured, managed, and governed. But almost anyone can setup a server in Amazon, Azure or other cloud servers, and expose sensitive data. The cloud can provide robust infrastructure, but the responsibility for securing data and sensitive apps still rests squarely with the organization.”

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