84% Of Shopping Apps Have Three Or More High-Level Security Vulnerabilities


In response to the news that a recent study has revealed that more than 84% of the shopping apps have three or more high-level security vulnerabilities, security experts at ESET and Comparitech commented below.

Lukas Stefanko, Malware Researcher at ESET:

“I am not surprised by these figures, these are frequent security issues developers don’t think about when creating their apps.

Developers will often pay most attention to app functionality and user-experience – so shopping only takes a couple of taps – however in that process security also needs to be considered.

If this doesn’t start changing attackers will always have the room to exploit app vulnerabilities that can put users and their data at risk.”

Lee Munson, Security Researcher at Comparitech.com:

“The large proportion of Android shopping apps with vulnerabilities shows that caveat emptor does not only apply to purchases made in physical stores.

As with most activities online, buyers also need to beware whenever they interact with software that is not wholly under their own control.

While it is worth noting that there have not been any reported attacks, despite the fact that 84% of Android apps are apparently at risk, consumers would still be well advised to exercise caution when entering personal or financial information into any app on any platform.”

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