300 Million Credit Cards From Dickey’s BBQ Customers Sold On Dark Web – Expert Perspective

Krebs On Security is reporting that a popular dark web outlet for stolen credit cards is selling more than three million new card records this week, the result of a multi-year data breach at 100+ Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant locations across the US. A Gurucul expert offers some perspective.

Saryu Nayyar, CEO,  Gurucul
October 16, 2020
Organizations need to do more, and quickly, to prevent this kind of theft.
The Credit Card dump of Dickey's BBQ customers’ cards highlights a number of issues. The first is a lack of consistency and enforcement in PoS terminal operations. The fact that we are still seeing mag-stripe based data, when chipped cards have been ubiquitous for years, indicates that many retailers have not taken card security seriously. The second issue is the apparent fact that this breac ....
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