68% Of UK Education Organisations Are Battling With Anonymous Proxies

    A new research report issued by Bloxx has found that 68% of the UK's education organisations are facing an ongoing battle with anonymous proxies ...
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    Whitepaper: Data Erasure Solutions for Data Center and Cloud Computing Security

    Ongoing regulatory, consolidation, environmental and cloud computing developments mean that data centers need reliable, fast and flexible tools ...
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    cipher cloud

    A Brief History Of Ciphers (Infographic)

    A Brief History of Ciphers - This infographic from CipherCloud starts 1900 BC & covers a brief outline of the history behind Ciphers until 2010 ...
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    New Websense Research- Exploit Kits “Lacking P(a)unch”

    In the research blog, we show evidence after Paunch’s arrest of a popular criminal gang experimenting with the Magnitude exploit kit ...
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    Express Metrix

    Express Metrix Report Challenges Conventional Thinking on Audit Landscape

    43% of respondents report owing no money to their software vendor from the audit. Of those organizations that did owe money, most owed $50,000-$250,000 ...
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    The Top 10 Countries Hosting Phishing URLs

    In a new blog post, the Websense Security Labs investigated current phishing trends. The research includes the following, - The top 10 countries hosting phishing (The UK moved up from ...
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    Xmas list

    IT Security Tops Christmas Lists with 41% of Businesses Increasing Their Budget

    A recent study* suggesting that 41% of organisations are planning to increase their IT security budget by 16% in 2014 ...
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    Cyber Squatters & Phishers Are Winning

    Nowadays, illegal online activities such as Phishing and Typosquatting are growing at an alarming rate ...
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    targeted attacks

    Trusteer reports on the State of Targeted Attacks

    Endpoint cybercrime prevention specialist Trusteer, an IBM company, has announced the results of a recent study on the State of Targeted Attacks ...
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    Top 100

    Are The Top 100 Global E-commerce Websites Protecting You?

    The statement is a result of research by the information security services company into the Top 100 global e-commerce websites ...
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    Mark Kedgley NNT

    Whitepaper: PCI DSS Version 3.0: New Standard but Same Problems?

    This whitepaper examines the implications of the new PCI DSS Version 3.0 for businesses and looks at how the requirements can help to minimise the threat of card data theft ...
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