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On news on the upcoming Government whitepaper detailing a future internet regulator, SD-WAN network expert Ian McEwan (Vice President EMEA of Aryaka, leading global SD-WAN provider) commented below.

Ian McEwan, Vice President EMEA at Aryaka:

“We have to wait and see what the upcoming UK Government whitepaper fully contains. However, this may not be the regulation to pay attention to. The proposed new European copyright law may have stronger ramifications for businesses and consumers alike. By 2021 most of business revenue will be digitised, which makes the way organisational data is stored and transferred all the more important. In the wake of regulations like this, organisations need to ensure they have a robust SD-WAN solution to enable them to not only ensure compliance with regulations like this, but to ensure they are able to keep up with the speed of business. Until more becomes clear about these regulations, we have to ask ourselves, to what extent do these regulations stifle growth, and hinder organisations from scaling correctly.”

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