Expert Comments on Nationwide Behavioural Biometrics

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Unlike physical biometrics, behaviour biometrics is the field of study to uniquely identify the individual based on his or her behavioural trait. Example of behavioural biometrics are speech patterns, keystrokes and signature. Nationwide is planning to roll-out behavioural biometrics and here to comment on this news is Barry Scott, CTO, EMEA, Centrify.

Barry Scott, CTO, EMEA, Centrify

“As Nationwide announce plans to roll-out behavioural biometrics as an additional security layer for its banking app, it further highlights the demise of the solitary password. Although passwords are not dead, they are quickly losing their value as a secure means of data protection.

Many of today’s security breaches are a direct result of someone either stealing credentials for privileged accounts or someone using credentials internally to gain access to somewhere they shouldn’t have access to. Organisations such as Nationwide are finally recognising the need for alternatives to the password and the benefits of introducing multi-factor authentication and biometrics across all their services.

It is crucial that capabilities such as multi-factor authentication are supported across entire networks, users, devices and resources such as mobile apps. Whilst these new methods are still in their infancy, they are certainly taking us one step closer to preventing the increasingly frequent data breach.”

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