Comment on Operation PawnStorm uses Java Vulnerability

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A group of hackers known for targeting military, government and media organizations is currently using an exploit for a vulnerability in Java that hasn’t been patched by Oracle. The zero-day exploit was observed by researchers from Trend Micro in attacks against the armed forces of an unnamed NATO country and a U.S. defense organization. Those targets received spear-phishing emails that contained links to Web pages hosting the exploit.

Kevin Epstein, VP, Advanced Security and Governance, Proofpoint :

“Adversaries continue to use spear-phishing to initiate attacks because it works; as Proofpoint’s Human Factor research has shown, eventually every target clicks*.  Organizations relying on legacy secure email gateway-only protection will be compromised – hence the move by best-in-breed defenders to adopt more modern protection in the form of incremental targeted attack protection and threat response systems.”

Kevin Epstein, VP, Advanced Security and Governance, Proofpoint
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