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Luke Potter, Head of Cybersecurity at SureCloud Cybersecurity 

Articles by Luke Potter

Dissecting KRACK – Understanding The WPA/WPA2 Threat

Luke Potter, head of cybersecurity at SureCloud, examines the KRACK vulnerability and provides steps for guarding against it This week, several vulnerabilities in the WPA and WPA2 protocols that would enable an attacker to decrypt wireless network packets, and even inject into the network traffic on the wireless network directly, were publically disclosed. This would …


How To Reduce Your Chances Of Falling Foul Of Ransomware – And How To React If You Do

Luke Potter, SureCloud’s Cybersecurity Practice Director, looks at what organisations can do to minimise the risk of a falling victim to a ransomware attack – and offers advice on how to respond if you do The WannaCry ransomware attack took the world by storm last month, successfully claiming 200,000 victims across 150 countries – and …