David Meltzer

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david-meltzerDavid is Chief Research Officer at Tripwire where he is responsible for working with customers, partners, and industry experts to imagine, innovate, and deliver on advancing the state of the art in protecting Tripwire’s customers from the most sophisticated attackers in the world. David previously served as VP/Engineering at Tripwire, joining in 2013 through its acquisition of nCircle where he served as Chief Technology Officer and VP/Engineering. David has been an entrepreneur, leader, software developer, security researcher, and generally obsessed with network security for the last two decades.

Articles by David Meltzer

Expert Comments on Proof-of-Concept PLC Worm that could take down Power Plants and Utilities

A proof of concept worm demonstrated at BlackHat Asia shows that the programmable logic controller (PLC) worm could be a disaster for power plants and other utilities. David Meltzer, Chief Research Officer for Tripwire provides an insight below. David Meltzer, Chief Research Officer, Tripwire: “This research shows how serious the risk is to industrial environments.  While …