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Ankur Laroia, Leader of Solutions Strategy at Alfresco Software

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The Value Of An Open Approach When Defending Against Attacks

The latest HBO hack and leaked episodes of Game of Thrones shone a spotlight on the need for protecting proprietary data. For every new encryption or password management point solution enterprises put in place, there are likely hundreds of hackers figuring out a way to compromise those security countermeasures. Enterprises need to rethink their strategies …


2017 Data Security Predictions – Alfresco Software

CISOs will shift more investment toward granularly identifying information vs. parametric measures: Depending on your business, digital information on average is doubling every three to nine months. The knee-jerk reaction to burgeoning data is to protect all that ‘stuff’: contain it behind hyper secure firewalls, deploy DLP (data loss prevention/protection) technologies at the parameter and key core …