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Alex Dalglish, Head of Technical Services at COMPAREX UK

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Consumer-Centric Malware For the Enterprise

Three Ways That Software Asset Management Can Help Minimise Security Risks

Unfortunately, many organisations see Software Asset Management (SAM) as a compliance reporting tool and little else. This is in some ways understandable, taking into account the astronomical regulatory fines that the large software vendors charge each year. However, SAM can do far more than protect companies from regulatory fines. It can reduce software expenditure by 30%, …


The Five Biggest Security Concerns After Petya And WannaCry

With many organisations still reeling in the aftermath of the Petya and WannaCry ransomware attacks, it’s not only sensible, but crucial, that they analyse what other dangers they face in the digital age. When TalkTalk was hacked in 2015, the company lost up to £60m and approximately 101,000 customers, and the damage to the organisation’s reputation was huge. …