• Leading commercial law firm, MLP Law, has launched an award to recognise excellence within the UK’s dynamic Telecoms, Media and Technology (TMT) sectors.

    Inaugural award launched to recognise excellence within UK’s Telecoms, Media and Technology sectors
  • Local newspapers one day ago joyfully reported that the server which commanded and controlled the hacking to online newspapers was found and neutralized. However, the disaster has not ended yet.

    New DDoS attacks launched, targeting online newspapers
  • The United Arab Emirates, the second-largest economy in the Middle East, fought off a series of cyber-attacks later traced to Egypt.

    U.A.E. Thwarts Cyber-Attack Attempts on Government Sites
  • A JOB combating threats from cyberspace could be the ultimate prize for the winners of an online challenge posed by GCHQ to recruit the most skilled mathematicians, code breakers and ethical hackers in the UK.

    Solve the cyber secret to have a crack at joining GCHQ’s code-breakers
  • SIX and Tufin Technologies have emphasized the need for companies to significantly improve network change and application delivery

    Six And Tufin Highlight The Need For Security Policy Orchestration
Premera Breach

Premera Breach Emphasizes Risk to Holders of Medical Records and the Importance of Network Security

The recently announced breach of Premera, following so closely on the heels of Anthem, should set off alarm bells to other organizations in the healthcare industry, as it is an unfortunate likelihood that we will soon hear of other compromised healthcare companies. [Read More…]

voip call and security risks

Unsecured Voice Calls Leave the Door Wide Open

VoIP may deliver great savings over traditional telephony, but with call-jacking over unsecured lines costing UK businesses – not the telephony providers. Around $1.2 billion a year, the cost/benefit argument is perhaps more complex than many SMEs realise. [Read More…]

Healthcare business

Healthcare Businesses in the Crosshairs

Medical and healthcare data breaches on the rise – 27.5% increase, medical records fetch good coin on the black market.

[Read More…]

Current and Secure

Keeping Small Businesses’ Networks Current and Secure

The technology that enables our businesses evolves so often that it is seemingly obsolete just when you think you have it deployed and operating properly. But keeping your technology current and taking advantage of innovations and advances, especially as an SMB, is a “must have” to remain competitive in a digital age. [Read More…]

Charles Sweeney

IoT – Everyone is Working to the Beat of Their Own Drum

We’re hurtling towards a connected future, one that promises a technological landscape so attuned to our behaviour,preferences and habits that it will simply fade into the background – with a promise to be so integrated into our lives that we won’t even notice it. [Read More…]

Insider Threats

Lancope Resources Including new eBook on Insider Threats – Insidious and Silent

Insider threats have cost US organizations almost $40 billion due to employee theft and fraud according to Verizon’s 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report. Sony, Citibank and the latest Carbanak attack that used employee information to pull off the biggest bank heist in history are just a few examples of attacks coming from the inside of an organization’s network. [Read More…]

Incident management

How Enterprise Chat Revolutionises Incident Management & Support Operations

In the last two decades, many organisations have found user support and incident management challenging. Whether it’s balancing social media monitoring to understand user feedback, where to place call centres, how to use web chat technologies or how to prioritise internal support, most companies have come under unwelcome scrutiny at some stage. [Read More…]


Companies under DDoS Attack Fear Losing Business Opportunities the Most

DDoS attacks are now one of the most common and affordable cyberweapons. They are used by unscrupulous competitors, sinister extortionists or just everyday cyber-vandals. More and more companies, regardless of their size or business, are encountering this threat. And, according to the results of a survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, the majority of companies believe that revenue and reputation losses are the most damaging consequences of a DDoS attack.
[Read More…]

web penetration

ImmuniWeb Named most Advanced Hybrid on-Demand Web Penetration Testing SaaS

Frost & Sullivan publishes new Market Insight identifying hybrid web application security testing SaaS, led by ImmuniWeb, as an emerging growth market

Frost & Sullivan’s new Market Insight, entitled “The Rise of Hybrid Web Application Security Testing”, has identified the growing need for businesses of all sizes to have a web application security testing solution that blends the efficiency of automated scanning with the effectiveness of a manual penetration testing. [Read More…]

security risks in employees

Reaction to GCHQ’s Warning of Security Risks in Employees

We absolutely agree that employees are a big risk for organisations; for the simple reason that people are human and we all make mistakes. [Read More…]

data in motion

Data-In-Motion – Not Always a Good Thing

Enter the cloud, and exit your data.

Since the introduction of BYOD and ‘the cloud’, your data has been on the move – whether you realize it or not. [Read More…]


Malware Wants to Hide But it Has to Run to Wreak Havoc

It’s hard to find something you don’t even know is there. This is especially true of advanced malware. Because even though traditional antivirus software is widely deployed by most enterprises and its sophistication has improved over its 30-year existence, it can only find malware if it knows exactly what to look for (by, for example, its digital signature). [Read More…]

internet-of-things for patients

Protecting Patient Confidentiality Needs to be Priority In The Internet Of Things

Intel Security and Atlantic Council report, urges technology developers to put security first in order to reap full benefits of Healthcare Internet of Things in the UK [Read More…]

Tax Time Data

Ways to Protect Your Company’s Tax Data

It’s tax time and the IRS is ready to receive your small business’ information from the past year. Can you guess who else is waiting for you to file, probably even more eagerly than the federal and state governments? [Read More…]

facebook and security

Security Experts Comment on Facebook Payments Feature

Security experts from Lancope and Tripwire commented today on the new payments feature for Facebook Messenger That lets you connect your Visa or Mastercard debit card and tap a “$” button to send friends money on iOS, Android, and desktop with zero fees. Facebook Messenger payments will roll out first in the U.S. over the coming months.
[Read More…]

Expert comments on Premera Breach

Security experts from STEALTHbits and Tripwire on Premera Blue Cross Breach

Responding to news of health insurer Premera Blue Cross data breach, exposing the financial and health records of 11 million customers. Here to comment on this news are two Industry experts: Jonathan Sander, strategy & research officer, STEALTHbits Technologies and Tim Erlin, director of product management, IT security and risk strategy at Tripwire. [Read More…]

VoIP and security

Most Small Firms Believe Cyber Protection is too Expensive

Today, there are more SMEs than ever making heavy use of new technologies to cut costs and increase efficiency across all areas of their business. With this, however, comes an increasingly persistent risk of hacking and breaches of security that have the potential to cripple smaller businesses. [Read More…]

Cyber threat to business

What is Your Business’s Greatest Cyber Threat?

In the past year, cyber attacks have littered our new feeds, displaying the high cost of a corporate hack. In the last year behemoths like Target, Home Depot, Sony and Anthem have paid the price and are still working to improve their systems and repair their reputations. Despite recent discouraging occurrences, many organizations are looking at potential opportunities to safeguard their business and secure internal and customer data. [Read More…]

Web Application firewall

The Death of WAF as We Know It

Almost seven years ago, I sat in a steakhouse in Manhattan listening to Jeremiah Grossman of WhiteHat Security hold forth on the serious nature of web application security and how Web Application Firewalls (WAF) could help improve vulnerability remediation rates. [Read More…]

Cyber-Security Skills

Bridging the Cyber-Security Skills Gap Using the Right Technology

There’s a deep problem in the Cybersecurity world, and it’s only getting worse. [Read More…]

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