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Microsoft Azure Takes the Lead on Privacy Protection in the Cloud

Microsoft has suffered significant PR consequences for its consumer-unfriendly privacy practices. The company received major criticism when a federal criminal complaint revealed that Microsoft inspected a user’s personal Hotmail account without permission.A couple of years ago, experts worried that the Xbox 360 Kinect camera, which always listens for voice commands even … [Read More...]


Cybersecurity and corporate responsibility

Cybersecurity and Corporate Responsibility – It’s Time for Regulators to put their Foot Down

One in four Americans (25 percent) fell victim to information security breaches in the past year, according to a new survey from the AICPA conducted by Harris Poll. This represents a staggering growth from last year’s survey (about 11%).And even more troubling figure is that 86 percent of adults reported some concern in businesses’ ability to safeguard customers’ financial … [Read More...]

employees responsible for managing information

Business Leaders Identify Skills Shortfall Among Employees Responsible for Managing Information

Iron Mountain study reveals concern about the lack of analytic and strategic skills required to release full value from information For information professionals and the business leaders they support, the most critical information management skills that businesses will need over the coming years are the ability to add value to information through insight and analysis, combined … [Read More...]

LogJam browser bug

Tech experts Comment on LogJam Browser Bug

The Wall Street Journal broke the news of the LogJam computer bug in web browsers that has the potential impact of making more than 20,000 websites unreachable.Branden Spikes is founder, CEO and CTO of Spikes Security ( which develops technology for secure online web browsing:“It’s a good move for browsers to raise the bar on encryption key strength as … [Read More...]

Federal Reserve Cyberattack

Comment from Security Experts on Federal Reserve Cyberattack

Experts from Securonix and Secure Channels commented tonight on Brian Krebs' report that the St. Louis Federal Reserve today sent a message to the banks it serves alerting them that in late April 2015 attackers succeeded in hijacking the domain name servers for the institution. The attack redirected Web searches and queries for those seeking a variety of domains run by the … [Read More...]

Cybersecurity Hiring

Cybersecurity Hiring Report

The Q2 2015 Edition of Cybersecurity Ventures' Cybersecurity Market Report indicates that cybersecurity hiring is trending up, and will continue for the foreseeable future.Key information on cybersecurity hiring from the Q2 Report:Demand for (U.S.) information security professionals is expected to grow by 53 percent through 2018.More than 209,000 cybersecurity jobs … [Read More...]

Cyber Security Tips for Travelers

Cyber Security Tips for Travelers

As you prepare for your big trip, you routinely whip out your suitcase and cosmetics bag, carefully fold your clothing and tuck away your personal items, and print out your boarding pass. As you head out the door, you grab your cell phone, phone charger, tablet, laptop, and any other technology that you're bringing along—after all, you carry these items with you daily, and you … [Read More...]

South Wales Police Data Breach

Comment on South Wales Police Data Breach

In light of the news that South Wales Police has been fined by the ICO for its DVD data breach, please find comment below from Nick Banks, VP EMEA and APAC, IronKey by Imation."No organisation is exempt to suffering a data breach, and the UK's public sector​ is certainly no stranger to data loss​. We only need to look back over the past few years to see the catastrophic … [Read More...]

Chris Roberts Plane Hack

Security Experts Comment on Plane Hack

Security experts from Tripwire and Securonix commented this afternoon on the Chris Roberts plane hack. Tim Erlin, Director of IT Security and Risk Strategy, Tripwire ( "The new information about Roberts' actions is high profile, but we should be asking how we validate what is possible on these aircraft, and how we then make them safer. Whether Chris Roberts … [Read More...]

Cyberattack Highlights Need for Managed Security Services

Penn State Cyberattack Highlights Need for Managed Security Services

Penn State University network attack Penn State’s College of Engineering revealed that it was the target of sophisticated cyberattacks that shut down its network.An official at Penn State mentioned "In fact, on an average day last year, Penn State alone repelled more than 22 million overtly hostile cyberattacks from around the world.” This is an interesting number, however … [Read More...]

IT Service Providers misaligned

Research: IT Service Providers Misaligned with their Customer’s Needs

Data from a LogicNow survey shows global IT Service Management industry in discord Significant misalignment between what services IT departments most want to buy and IT Service Providers try hardest to sell 71% of IT Service Providers want a more strategically-focused customer relationship – but only 13% of IT departments feel the same 45% of IT Service Providers invoice … [Read More...]

WordPress, comments in trouble.

WordPress, Comments in Trouble.

We all know that WordPress is one of the most used CMS (Content Management System) in the world of blog websites. And because of this, many security researches are held looking for security flaws and ways to exploring it, and also the bad guys (black hats, cracker). In April 26th of 2015, a research Jouko Pynnönen [14], found a vulnerability that allows unauthenticated attacker … [Read More...]


Makes WebRTC a Commercial Reality

WebRTC Solution Enhances Customer Service Experience Masergy Communications Inc., a global leader in secure networking and cloud services, announced that its Cloud Unified Communications solution is now WebRTC enabled with the launch of its Virtual Automated Attendant (VAA). WebRTC is an open source standard that enables real-time voice and video communications via Chrome, … [Read More...]

mSpy Breach

Comment on mSpy Breach

Covering the mSpy breach, Trey Ford Global Security Strategist from Rapid7’s wanted to share some comment on the news:"I think the most interesting aspect of this breach is that people being spied on were having their information stolen by one party, and it’s now moving rapidly through the underground. Not only is the legality of installing this software questionable (CFAA, … [Read More...]

Sony PS4 hack

Security Experts Comment on Sony PS4 Hack

Hackers from Russia & Brazil have managed to discover a new exploit for the Sony PS4 -  a couple of weeks ago, a number of electronics stores in Brazil had been advertising the means to copy and run a series of ripped retail games on the console. Not a whole lot was known about the hack back then, but information gradually began to trickle out from customers and make its … [Read More...]

Many Companies to Increase IT Spending and Hiring

Innovation Wave Prompts Many Companies to Increase IT Spending and Hiring

As information technology (IT) solutions play an increasingly prominent role in business success or failure, companies around the globe are prepared to devote more resources to IT products, services and staffing, according to a new international study released today by CompTIA, the IT industry association.Business in several countries surveyed for CompTIA’s International … [Read More...]

New Venom vulnerability affects

New Venom Vulnerability Affects Virtualised Environments

CrowdStrike* researchers recently announced the discovery of a new vulnerability in many popular virtual machine platforms.  Dubbed ‘Venom’ the zero-day flaw reportedly affects virtual floppy drive code used by computer virtualisation platforms.  The vulnerability could allow attackers to gain access outside of an affected virtual machine, potentially putting sensitive … [Read More...]

Relayware adds one millionth channel partner

One Millionth Channel Partner to its Platform

Company growth fuelled by demand from innovative, VC-backed SaaS companies demanding faster growth through the channel Relayware, a SaaS-based provider of Partnering Automation software, today announces its one-millionth partner on its Partner Cloud following a sustained period of strong international growth.  The company attributes much of its recent growth to strong demand … [Read More...]

Changing the Security Culture within an organisation

Changing the Security Culture within an Organisation – How to be Forearmed Against an Internal Data Breach

Hindsight can be a wonderful thing, but when it comes to data security and potential breaches, it’s best to ensure that your security policies and tools are able to protect your organisation. Yet, despite the regular headlines caused by high-profile data breaches, many organisations still do not know how best to react once breached or, indeed, follow best practice to prevent a … [Read More...]

Security problems the IoT will create

3 Security Problems the IoT will Create — and how to Solve them

The connected world is coming sooner than you think. App developers and mobile service providers are already taking advantage of the new era of connected cars, wearable devices, and entire smart homes — all fitting into the notion of the Internet of Things (IoT).According to Gartner, there are currently 4.9 billion connected devices in use, with that number projected to … [Read More...]

Security and the Internet of Things

Security and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things includes both traditional electronics and everyday “things” embedded with sensors, computing, and networking capabilities.Coffee Makers Thermostats Refrigerators Cars Even Cows: wireless sensors tell farmers when cows get sick or pregnant, transmitting 200 MB per cow a yearEven now the Internet of things is all around us:Connected … [Read More...]

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